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Bosonogo Djetinjstvo i Bastinados euro tour 2013

This fall, two DIY punk bands from the Balkans are planning a 17 day tour throughout Italy, Spain, Basque country, France and Switzerland – Bosonogo Djetinjstvo (Zadar) and Bastinados (Zagreb).

Bosonogo Djetinjstvo play dark, driven d-beat punk with psych-rock influences and Bastinados play crusty motorcharged rock’n’roll. Both bands are releasing a 45rpm split 12’’ through Byllepest Distro (Oslo), Neanderthal Stench (Ghent) and DHPAK47 (Zagreb). You can listen to the record on http://bastinados.bandcamp.com/ andhttp://bosonogodjetinjstvo.bandcamp.com/

We still need help with a lot of dates, so if anyone is able to help us, please write to: bastinados@riseup.net, pasko.gacina@gmail.com ; or through facebook.
This is how the route looks like:

SEP 27 – Zagreb, Grey Room w/ Youth Avoiders, DIEXHARD
SEP 28 – Bologna, Circolo IQBAL MASIH
SEP 29 – Milano, TBA
SEP 30 – Marseille, La Katiba
OCT 1 – Barcelona, CSO L'Astilla
OCT 3 - Madrid, C.O.K.O La Kondenada
OCT 5 – Donosti, Etangabeko Zarata Fest
OCT 6 – NEED HELP (somewhere in Basque country or Bordeaux)
OCT 7 – Toulouse, Les Pavillons Sauvages w/ La Vermine
OCT 8 – Grenoble, La Baf
OCT 9 – Geneve, La Makhno
OCT 10 – Lausanne, TBA
OCT 11 – Wintherthur, GGS31
OCT 12 – Bergamo, TBA
OCT 13 – Ljubljana, Tovarna ROG

We travel with full backline other bands can use, don’t need anything except a sleeping place, some vegan/vegetarian food and a bit of gas money if possible.
See you on the road, radical punx never die! A / E

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